Chapter Eleven

A Close Call

No. I thought. Who the hell asks a girl out after meeting them once. Urgh!. Guys these days. He was still looking straight in my eyes probably waiting for an answer. Probably?

“Well you see I need to go to class,” I lamely excused and pushed passed him, hitting his shoulders, “No need to wonder! I decline!” I yelled behind me not daring myself to look back.

Whew that was close, I sat down in class.

Why didn’t I say yes? I mean he’s handsome, has a bit of an accent and says nice things; these things are all in my ‘I can go out with guys’ but didn’t feel right. Right! It didn’t feel right that’s why I shouldn’t.

“Ms. Crest do you understand?” the teacher asked. No. “Yes sir,” I lied.


“Ready?” Chase asked. “Yes let’s go and maybe grab some food for the movie too,” I said, “Yeah I’m heading to the store anyway so I’ll drop you off then I’ll buy some food that way we don’t need to go back and forth,” he suggested,

“Yeah sounds great, oh and Alex will come by as well,” I smiled as he did, and we went our separate ways, both dreading that classes are still upon us but also a little happy we have time to hang out now. Time and the fact that we aren’t awkward or fighting about anything.

After three more classes, I headed to the parking lot where Chase was waiting for me and now I’m going inside his hot ride slowly and whisking my hair while I put my shades on. I can never get over entering this Porch and pretending I’m in some cool movie.

I hear Chase chuckle when I sat down on the leather seat. I raised an eyebrow at him while I buckled myself in, “What?” I asked, he chuckled again while he drove out of school, “you do this thing when you enter my car” he said smirking. Wait he notices that. Creepy…

“Umm I dont know what you’re saying,” I denied, “okay,” he finished a weird smile on his face. Cute but weird. Okay? That’s all he says, okay?

We stayed silent until my house just peacefully listening to the music and enjoying each other’s company, he stops the car and looks at me, “So what do you want to get?” he asks, while he put his shades up to his head making me look into his cold blue eyes I gave him a ‘really’ look, “pringles and ice cream gotcha!” he shouts as I go out and walk  to my apartment. He waved his hand while he sped away. Show off.  

I entered and immediately went upstairs and changed out off my sweaty uniform and threw in some jean shorts and a white shirt. As I was descending down my stairs I heard my phone ring. While I answered I noticed my family insignia.  And I prayed I’d never be asked what it really meant.

So I ran down to the counter where my bag was, “Hello?” I picked up.

“Hey It’s Tyler,” he announced. Crap I forgot about him, “hey I was wondering if you were serious about your no earlier?,” I covered my mouth with my hand before I say something mean, “Yes I’m serious, why are you calling?” I asked, “Well I can tell you in person if you open the door,” he said.

Door? Wait is he… I walked over to the door and opened it and there stood Tyler West black hair and all, “hey,” he greeted, “hey” I said back awkwardly, “So?” he asked pointing inside. Isn’t he demanding?

“Right come in,” I said he walked in and I saw him look around my apartment, “Nice place,” he complimented, “thanks,” I said as I walk pass him and enter the kitchen while he followed, “want anything?” I asked while I got some water.

“Just for you to change your answer,” he said smirking while he rubbed the back of his neck and I think he is blushing. I think he really likes you Scar maybe you should just give him a chance. Hmmm…?

“We’re just going to the movies and grab some food then some walking,” trying to bait me, “I think I’m saying,” I stopped to pretend and think, “still a no,” I quickly said because his eyes were murdering me. Ladies and Gentleman the whole school will hate me.

Chase Reed’s POV

Scarlett got out and I waved at her as she entered the glass door then sped off immediately not wanting to be away for too long and leaving her by herself. I was tapping my fingers to the beat of the radio music while I smile bobbling my head to the music.

I entered the store still happy and humming to the tune that was in my head. I grabbed some Cheetos, Doritos, Lays, of course her Pringles and salsa and I walked over to the freezer to grab some ice cream, Vanilla, Scar’s favorite then I went and paid for them and left straight for her apartment. 

I was slightly going off limit managed to swerve on some cars but I got back faster than I expected and here I thought I lost my touch. Still have it.

I turned the engine off grabbed the groceries from the back and headed for the elevator. There was a couple with me in the elevator whispering to each other I couldn’t help but smile at them. “Wait Chase Reed right?” the girl asked. Uh oh. “Uhm Yes,” I said, “nice ring you have there,” I quickly added dodging the interview or the picture taking, “yes,” she squealed while she looked at her fiancé and giggling making her fiancé blush. Ting! My savior.

“I’m here,” I stated pointing at the elevator door that just opened, they waved and smiled. I shook my head smiling while the elevator door closed. Lucky guy. 

I went in front of Scarlett’s door I was about to knock when I heard voices. Voices? I remembered that she was just alone. hmm..? 

I knocked once and she immediately opened it I would have been laughing my head off from her shock expression if only that guy wasn’t there. Who the hell is that?

He was leaning against the counter a glass of water on his hand and the other was shoved in his pocket while he frowned seeing me. 

“Hey Scar,” I greeted my teeth clenched, “Chase you’re here!” she said more like squealed, “yes I’m here,” I said while I placed the groceries on the counter my eyes not leaving this douche and apparently he’s smirking. Smirking! What the fuck?

“so Chase this is Tyler he’s from school ummm,” she started but then stopped and breathed, “he just wanted to stop by and now he is leaving,” she explained while she pushed him at the door, “see you around Scar,” he said and she nodded then Scar slammed the door at him. What Scar!? That’s my nickname! Fucker.

She took a lot of time before facing me, “so what we got here,” she said smiling as big as possible, “Scarlett don’t think I’m stupid what was that about?” I demanded, “Scarlett? You never call me Scarlett,” she pouted. God this girl.

I pulled her to me, wrapped my arm around her she seemed shock but didn’t say anything so I continued, “Scar who was that?” I asked again more soft while I pointed at the door, “umm he was asking if,” she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, “he was asking if I wanted to go out to the movies with him,” she continued. What!? Go out! on Friday?

My heart stopped and then took a gear up and raced so fast my head was pounding making me nauseous. “a-and?” I asked my voice cracking my grip on her tightened a little. What if she said yes how would I react how should I react? I-I dont kn–

She stared at my eyes, really deeply, “I said no,” she whispered almost so soft I would have not heard but I did. My arm dropped from her shoulders my mouth opened and I gripped on the counter. She said no. She fucking said no!

I stood there stunned my heart felt like it was flying and my smile could scare a child. I saw her eyes turn from being shy to shock. Was she shocked that I acted like this…?

I shook my head to wake myself from my thoughts, hiding my smile with me pretending to cough I asked, “Let’s go watch then?” Totally dropping the topic. She just plays along with it, smiling like she won something.

Scarlett’s POV

I smiled, even though, dumbstruck at the sight of Chase’s reaction. He is jealous? But why? Before I can ask he said to go watch and I smiled. He was jealous. I didn’t bother asking a reason for his sudden change of topic.

Chase grabbed the snacks he bought and walked to the living room. It seemed like this was an occasional event. A boy in my house. Alone with me. But no, I just realized, this was the first time we we’re going to be alone. In the many times we had movie nights, Vikie would be present with her boyfriend. But they had to study for a test. Chase sat down on the couch and turned to me. I was stuck a few feet away from the couch.

“So, who was he and when did he ask you that?” There goes that idea of him dropping the subject.  I walked closer but not too close with my hand on my hips. “Well why can’t he, maybe I’m actually fun to be around with and he wanted to hang out?” I replied a little too defensively.

He smirked, this little, “I’m just asking Scar,” he chuckles, “why did you say no?” he adds. I stood there like a fish, my mouth opening and closing. He shakes his head and I slump down on the sofa beside him.

What the hell do I reply to that? I don’t even know. “Other than I don’t know him at all, we have plans, Alex is on his way, I’m not going to ditch you guys for a boy or a date.” I replied relieved I didn’t blurt out anything to embarrass myself. He looks at me and nods.

“Why didn’t you just reschedule when we aren’t hanging out or something to get to know the guy?” Chase asked his teeth clenched and his forehead a little tense. I looked at him confused. “You sound like you wanted me to date him.” I said and his eyes bulged out. “No I just meant, urgh,” he pauses and does that brush through his hair with his fingers frustrated action and continues, “do you like him?” at this point I laugh.

“Again I don’t know him, and I don’t really want to know, I’m busy with school, I have you, Vickie and Alex. I’ve got all the friends I need.”

With my answer he looks into my eyes, deeply. Suddenly I felt my surroundings a little too consciously. His knees were so close to mine a little move from him, it would caress my knees. I noticed his intake of breath and as he exhaled his shoulders moved. I’m a little mesmerized with this boy. “Alright,” he finally said and smiled.

“Let’s get this movie night started where’s the food?” I asked when he pointed at the table with his thumb. I squeal at the small sight of Pringles. “Yay! I love it when you buy me foood.” I think using love was a bad adjective. I pushed the thought as Chase laughs.

“Scar you love anyone who buys you food,” he jokes, “but I love it when you do because you buy the right ones, “ I replied through crunches already eating. He wipes crumbs off my face.

“Well isn’t this a lovely sight.” Alex walks in his hands pointed at us as if we were committing a sinful act. I abruptly stand up and pretend I was walking to hug him but I was actually freaking out. I wanted to kiss him. I think I’m dead now.

Alex opened his arms for me as we do our hug. “So are we watching or what?” Chase asked, Alex looked between me and Chase with curious eyes then he shrugged “Yeah” Alex said.

Chase’s lips curled up into a huge smile my heart melted at the sight, “can I have a hug too?” Chase asks and I could feel my heart beat go faster. All I could do was nod and walk to him.

He opened his arms and rested them behind Alex making him uncomfortable and gave Chase a ‘what the hell’ look, I laughed, “Here I’ll sit in between you to avoid me getting third wheeled with the bromance,” this made me crack up my laugh was contagious because they followed.

We kept laughing and laughing until it was hard to breath and we held our stomach because it hurt too much. Alex pulled me to a hug and whispered, “I missed this bonding moments,” I looked up to smile at him, “me too,” then he playfully smacks me on the head, “ouch!” he smiled, “jerk.”

We sat back and actually started watching. Chase’s arm was still open, behind me and I had the urge to lean against him. I sneak in some glances but every time, I would just catch him openly staring at me. Not helping.

 “Carly can you pass me the salsa,” Alex demanded, “Carly?” Chase asked as I passed the salsa, “Alex I’m going to kill you,” I warned earning myself fits of laughter from Alex, I crossed my arms and pouted, “Alex calls me with that stupid nickname I dont know why,” I said still pouting. “It’s cute,” Chase agreed. No!!! This is bad.

“Really? My man you’re my new best friend,” Alex decided giving Chase a fist bump I slapped my forehead. “Yeah you two go ahead and laugh,” I added. “I wasn’t laughing I said it was cute,” Chase denied.

I rose an eyebrow at him then looked to Alex then grinned evilly I scooted over to Chase, sat on his lap and hugged him, “you’re not my friend anymore Alex,” I announced and pouting. This was a bad idea.

Chase took this opportunity to slide his arms under me to my waist and hug me back. In another moment Alex said something but I wasn’t processing anything because of how close I am to Chase.

Chase noticed that I wasn’t responding to any of Alex’ babbling words so he leaned closer and whispered in my ear, “what are you thinking about?” You.

“Nothing,” I finally spoke, “oh now you’re talking,” Alex chastised, “Alex look it’s your favorite scene,” I diverted. He completely gives his attention to the tv and forget about me. Me though, I won’t be forgetting anything anytime soon.

The movie kept playing and I just enjoyed being around Chase’s arms and snuggle closer every now and then. My eyes became tired sooner than I wanted. I tried to stay awake but  still entered the darkness slowly but just before fully falling asleep I heard Chase whisper, “I’m not going to let you go anymore,” I think it was just my dreams though.

Chase Reed’s POV

Scar fell asleep in my arms I didn’t restrain myself from hugging her more so I did and placed my chin on her head. I can stay like this forever.

While I was thinking about Scar as I watch Alex was looking for something and when he found it the T.V. turned off.

“Chase we need to talk,” Alex stated, I turned to him, “okay,” I agreed while I played with Scar’s soft hair.

“Are you serious about Carly? Because if not I don’t want her getting hurt,” he said seriousness both in his dark brown eyes and voice, “Yes I’m serious about her I just don’t know how to tell her yet and now there’s this other guy who already asked without a second thought, I’m not very expressive,” I replied with the same seriousness.

Alex stared fiercely in my eyes trying to see if I was lying but I wasn’t lying it was all true, “but if you hurt or make her cry I’m going to punch you square on the nose got that,” he warned, “got it.”

He nodded and took a breath, “okay now we have that cleared up why the fuck haven’t you told her?” he demanded I looked away and stared at the dark. Why? because I don’t think I deserve her, Scar’s nice she’s innocent loving, kind, she smiles at seeing others happy everything that I am possibly not.

“Because I don’t deserve her,” that was all I could say before Alex smiled like I haven’t seen before, “What?” I ask, “well one because you really really like with her,” he stated trying to be as girly as possibly but failed, “and second the feeling of not deserving her is one of the traits that you totally are the best for her, so there you have my permission to date my little sister, plus she wont be that close to you unless you are someone worth her time,” he stated.

I felt my heart melt if that’s possible and I smiled at him bigger than ever possibly hurting my cheeks. Then we both fell into laughter. I was laughing at our weird but great conversation I wonder what he was laughing at.

“you..we…hahah…are ridiculous…hahaha…” he was holding his stomach probably from all the laughing. Then Scar began to stir probably from my laughing. “shh… go back to sleep,” I whispered as I caress her back up and down.

She sighed slightly, snuggled closer wrapping her legs around me and placing her arms around my neck while her head rested just on top of my shoulder then fell back to sleep. I chuckled at her automatic response, “What will you do about London?” Alex asked.

Fuck I haven’t thought of that. “Calm down with the swearing,” Alex chastised. I gave him a what the hell look, “You didn’t even realize you were swearing did you,” I still stared at him like he had two heads.


“So what are you going to do, are you still going back?” Alex asked he sounded like he was trying to hold back in sounding angry, “I’m not going, don’t worry,”

“Speaking of I have the perfect place for you to,” he stood up held his heart with a fist and his other arms extending outward, “to confess you’re utmost love for Scarlett,” he continued making me gasped.

“shhhh you asshole she’s right here!” I yelled whispered. He did the opposite and keep singing.

“Chase and Scarlett sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g-“I couldn’t help but glare at him. After a few more banters. I told him to stop and sit down before he wakes Scar up, “oh by the way so mature Alex, good luck to your life,” I joked, “Good luck for yours if you’ll be spending most of your time with softy over here you would be taking care of grandmas,” he teased back and waited for my reaction, “I don’t mind as long as she’s there,” I said as a fact. She already got me taking care of kids.

He laughs but I pointed at him warning him if he laughs again I’m going to punch him, “kay kay dont need to be so violent,” he surrenders, “so where is this perfect place?” I asked. 

I will give her the best, as she deserves so.

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