Vegan Pancit (Filipino Favorite Dish)

Hello there Herbivores!!! I hope you had fun doing our last recipe 

Herbi– means plants vore- means one that eats (Herbivore-one that eats plants) let’s not get offended I’m a herbivore, lover of plants and you can be a herbivore too!


Vegetables are as desire 1-1 ratio

Chopped Carrots
Chopped Pechay Baguio (Chinese Cabbage or regular Cabbage)
Chopped Baguio beans
Minced onions 3-4 bulbs
Minced garlic 3-4 cloves
Button mushrooms 1 can
(Optional second mushroom) 1 can


Boil water
Soy sauce
Black pepper

Add thin rice noodles, boil until cook, set aside sauce for later


In the wok add butter and mushrooms (do this to remove the watery taste of the mushroom and dry)

Once dry add garlic

Then onions


Baguio beans

Snow peas then cabbage

Add the sauce from earlier 1- 1/2 cup

Add pancit canton and mix

Add thin rice noodles then mic

Add water accordingly and more seasoning if needed

Cover to cook the canton

Add sesame oil when finished

Enjoy with freshly squeezed Calamansi

When serving you can garnish with leeks or onion leaves. Our dish is done!

That’s it for now, stay tuned for the next herbivore foods that we all know you love to try and cook for yourself or for the fam!

I hope you learned something from me today herbipeeps, tag me in one of your cooking adventures! TAG TAG TAG #herbipeeps #lalaluzrecipe #lalaskitchen

Remember, the best meals are shared with loved ones! Share your blessings 😉

Note from cook: I always prepare my dishes giving thanks to where it comes from and who I’m cooking it for. A secret ingredient!

See you on the next recipe herbipeeps!

-Lots of love, HERbivore out 

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