Meaningful Mondays: A Late Start is Still a Start

This day was quite uneventful. The kind of day I will most likely forget about. But you know what?

These are the days that matter. These are the days that put in the work for that big great success you will get in the future.

Why? Succeeding is not just one big gesture or choice. It’s the continuous decision to choose to work and be better.

Whenever you decide to step forward whether small or big. That is progress.

Whenever you choose to stand up or rest. That is progress.

You only stop growing when you just decide to believe that you can never progress or be better.

Just do one little thing at time. That is still progress.

With that said, here’s how my Monday went.

It’s 12:24 noon and it’s Monday, and all I’ve got done is gone out of bed, taken a shower, answered a few emails and inquiry calls. That sounds like a job well done already, right? But no.

I had planned out to do many things this morning, but alas, it didn’t happen. Should this bum out the rest of my day? Hell no. Time to eat lunch and get things done….hopefully.


After lunch, the rain drizzled, then it poured. The wind disheveled the trees with its currents and the rain touched every little part of our city.

And you should know, I love rain, it brings life to everything in this beautiful earth. Even my procrastination. Kidding.

The rain was appreciated by all as it drenched our garden and summer tables. But I got myself off wherever I was sitting and started working. Or else I would have ended up taking another nap.

To say the least, ten minutes later the power went out and as a great procrastinator should, I took it as a sign, to just take a break… again.

But I ended up working on my phone. Another habit of mine, other than procrastination is being a workaholic. Still can’t decide if I should keep that habit, what do you think?

Ended up answering more emails, more calls, booked more interviews and to finish off the work hour. My professor messaged about a college grade. We just finished exam week. Yes to those who read my other blog two years ago, I’m back in college. My gap year over, sadly.

Now whenever I get grades, I close my eyes and just pray that the next time, I should do better than the one I got now. Why? Your only competition should only be yourself. Not with others. So why not pressure oneself until they burn out? Joking, ish.


The rain stopped and the sun came back to grace us with its ever hotness.

Music is how I live in every note is a heart beat and in every song I make, is a part of me that you get to see.

This girl, loves her naps, I took a ten minute power nap after work and then proceeded to make a composition for a song or maybe two.

The rain was inspiring to say the least. Have you ever felt inspired by the rain? If yes, then you know what I’m talking about. If no? You need to get yourself out when it rains and just be there. Breath in and out and appreciate the brilliance that is rain. The only process where salt water turns into drinkable water. When the-

Yeah no more rain geeky things. My apologies. My geek said hello for a second there. It may or may not return in the future. No promises.

You know that moment where you’re lying down and it’s either you move or you just lie there and miss out on the relaxing and calming sweet breeze that nature gives after a long nice rain?

I didn’t let that moment pass today, probably tomorrow, but today, I went out and took the bike for a spin. My little sister came with me and we had fun chasing the moon, as it was almost full. Almost completely seen. Like me, almost not small.

Safe to say that bike ride was half me panting and half falling asleep because the breeze was that nice. You can just close your eyes and doze off, although if I did my eyes would be on the floor in a beautiful accident instead of here trying to write to you.


If you’re still here reading this, I would like to give you a cookie, the ones my other sister has been baking all day. It’s sweet, crunchy and just a treat, like you. 🍪

I hope you had fun reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Although I think my writing needs to chill and not sound like I’m in such a hurry all the time. I’ll work on that.

I will be ending this meaningful Monday with a time to relax session live in FB later at 8:30pm. If you would like the link for the next one, comment below! It’s a must have if you ask me. One needs to relax every now and then. And nothing like a great old Monday that makes you want to rest forever.

That will be all see soon again life long learners!

How did your Monday go? I truly am curious. So do comment and share with me! Did you also push yourself to go and do things or did you rest? Either way, would love to read about it!

Yours truly,

When Vi

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