What A Wednesday- Under the Moon and Stars


Is the kind of day, you dragged your feet heavy,

As you moved,



Even breathing felt uneasy,

All your fears resurfaced,

All your anxiety felt like it’s running through you,

Instead of blood,

You try to find the words,

Yet only tears come out,

But then you step outside,

Summer night in the air,

And you look up and there you are,

Moon and stars,

That I could stare at all day and night,

You can finally breath,

Every note is finally in timing,

So you close your eyes and keep that moment,


Until the day, you will be having,

Another What a Wednesday moment.


Heyyy! It’s still counted, it’s still Wednesday

I hope you enjoy this little poem I made after seeing the Super Lunar Eclipse.

It was truly a sight.

See you soon life long learner!

I hope you know we all have our own moon and stars.

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