Meaningful Monday- The Beauty of Moments

Days will pass,

They pass again and again,

But it’s up to you and me to make the most

Of the moments that come and go.

There will be struggles,

There will be pain,

But also there will be moments,

That make you wish it remains,

Still, and unmoving and never forgotten.

How can these moments help?

When it is only a glimpse,

What is a drop of water to the ocean?

Seemingly nothing,

But if you really look,

A thousand trillion zillion droplets,

Make an ocean.

So keep on making memories,

Even if it’s good or bad,

Keep on going and learning.

Keep on living in the beauty of moments.


As usual, let me tell you how my day went. I hope you pick a few cookie lessons.

Mondays for me are always slow.

It’s how my schedule goes, but I’m thankful the world is like here is another day to relax, because the next few days are going to be grueling, frustrating and amazing all at the same time. You’re welcome.

So we planned to go to the farm before lunch, but due to the relaxed mood everyone in the house had. We ended up leaving after lunch.

For which while I waited I talked to a loved one and made them laugh and smile so, I too laughed and smiled.

I showered before eleven, sweat dripping before the water got dry. Summer’s last hoorah of its horrific heat.

It’s the kind you sweat by just breathing.

It’s the kind of summer heat that make you want to stay in the shower but also not in the shower because it’s like an oven even in there.

We left in a hurry but as the road stretched for miles, I fell asleep to the small and slow hum of the car.

I lie down on my little sister’s lap and she was also the one who said, “ate we’re here!” As she softly tapped me on the shoulder.

I groggily stood up, and the moment I saw the vast green surrounding, I was immensely excited to get out of the car.

Putting my jacket and mask on, I hopped out.

Fifteen minutes later, we we’re roaming around nature’s heavenly gifts.

Here are some moments I would like to share.

Let me tell you, walking around such a vibrant environment gave me calmness and at the same time energy.

It was beautiful so hope you get to go and chase some flowers and run away from ants too, someday! But tomorrow is best.

After chasing flowers, I chased some beautiful views.

I just wanted to take that view and bring it to my room so that I could look at it every day.

As I sat there in awe of nature’s beauty, I am humbled that I get to witness such sights.

With the eyes, that is given to me, the knowledge that was taught to me and allowed me to understand that all of this is not something for me to exploit or manipulate,

But to gaze upon and take care of.

As we were leaving, the clouds above and beside us rumbled, as lightning struck the land. Our place was high enough to feel like the sound was right at our finger tips.

So my heart skipped a beat at the thunderous roars of the skies each time.

Passing by the endless land, lightning caught our attention. All of our eyes glued to the sky in a daze of the light.

I love how I caught this,

But I also adore the cow who was so naive of its environment, I adored it’s focus on eating those scrumptious grass.

I wish I had that same focus on the things that I am most passionate about.

Oh what a joy it is to be a cow, unless you’re turned into a steak.

Then no thanks.

The rain poured and poured its tears.

Gracing the land with its blessings, giving life and giving a new chance to begin again.

That’s all for today’s meaningful Monday!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, click that like button and follow button too!

It would mean a lot to me.

How was your Monday life long learners?

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