Sunday Sunshine- A Slow But Elegant Finish

It is literally half the month of June tomorrow,

Half of the year is gone and lived,

How have you survived/lived half of the year we were supposed to get it together after the pandemic?

Don’t quiver or feel sad about it if you aren’t where you planned to be,

No matter how you have survived or lived the year, there are still facts that won’t ever changed,

No matter how much you progressed slow or fast,

You are still here,

You still have the time to choose what makes you happy,

You can still choose or continue choosing the path you want to journey through.

There are so many people these past year and half who had lost their lives and chances,

Let’s not waste ours.

Hug the person you hold dear,

Tell someone you care about you love them,

Start that dream you so wished to claim,

Appreciate and express your gratitude towards the people that has helped you grow into the person you are today,

Be aware of everything you are given,

Because one day, you might lose them,

And never get the chance to appreciate it.

So why did I even get to such a serious topic,

I just wanted to tell you that the second semester is ending,

I’ll finally, FINALLY, also HOPEFULLY, enter fourth year on August and I would be a few steps closer to my goal.

Talking about endings always settles my thoughts in a place of gratitude.

I don’t want to be ungrateful and say, why am I not where I’m supposed to be? But instead,

Let’s not be bitter and demand for things that should have happened,

Or could have happened,

Let’s accept what has been and done,

And continue from there.

So here I am, continuing to push through the challenges and triumphs.

I hope with all my heart, so do you.

See you next week I hope!

Wish me luck our final week is approaching.

I wish you luck for a very exemplary week ahead!

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