A Plant Dies, Another Grows In Its Place

It’s Monday and you know what that means,

I get to share a whole day with you, but today’s story didn’t just start at first light. It started hours before the sun could peak through the clouds.

Last night was pretty epic,

We planned and prepared for a beach trip with the family,

Six adults and five kids, quite the scene when there’s only a few hours to prepare the food, the utensils, stuff for swimming, etc. You know the drill.

But as midnight struck and we finally had the chance to lie down, rest and close our eyes to beautiful sleep.

Clouds drew in as the wind blew east, and they became heavier and heavier.

By the time ghosts and goblins went back into their hiding place where the sun couldn’t get to them, you wouldn’t say the first drop of rain came.

Because when it landed, it filled the pots of our plants, the roof drew breath and came alive at the touch of the rain. Pouring relentlessly, without mercy and drenching everything in its dark abyss of the early morn,

Just as the storm-like idea to the beach came, a literal storm stopped it.

The storm raged on as I quietly wished it gone, my eyes closed. But when my alarm came and my heart sank, it was time to face reality.

I opened my phone and saw the parents announced of our cancelation.

Sighed once and another, looked around at the sleeping children, little did they know their excitement before sleeping would have been for nothing.

In the end they woke up to disappointment.

The morning was quiet.

The morning felt heavy with much frustration.

But who could complain to the clouds for pouring?

Who could complain to the mercy it gives us each time it pours?

No one will. And no one dared to.

We simply appreciated our blessings and moved on to the next adventure to plan.

There is always another plant to sow, when its gone.

Always a good reason to stand when one falls.

Another plan to execute when one fails.

Never give up (planning and serving) and always surrender (when the ultimate plan succeeds and not yours).

Until the next Monday! Have a great and wonderful week my friends!

We’re now on a roadtrip of food and laughter. Trying to prepare for a gruelling work week ahead.

You go and conquer this week too! 😉

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