When Vi Tells A Story

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My Unexpected Light

Let me tell you of a life I’ve been luckily given a chance to live. Where I met a girl with the most colorful life. Bright red, one second then blue the next. Pale yellow in the middle and purple the rest. All those colors crawled into my blackened heart, Filled it with its brightness, Cared for it with its care, Showed me the light with its love. It felt like this was it. She is all mine. I am all hers.But like everything else. It gets taken away. Everything ends. Even happiness. Those colors were taken away from me.

Can it come back?

Chapter One:

I was in the Center mall looking for a place to read my newly bought book, a book that I saved money for. As I roamed around the mall, I noticed there were a lot of people wearing black suits.

Black suits? In this boiling hot weather? Are they lost? I spotted a middle-aged man with blond hair and striking blue eyes commanding the other men waving his hand frantically.

I saw that this ‘boss’ was pointing to another person that had the same features as him but younger, maybe my age. This older man pointed to the younger boy telling him to stop, but the younger boy continued to run away from him.

Am I supposed to stop this? Poor him, if I trip him at his speed, I’ll bet he’ll fall…

His perfectly combed blond hair was now flying everywhere as he ran in my direction. He was tall, handsome and oh, his eyes. His mesmerizing blue eyes and how they…

Wake up Scarlett Crest he’s headed towards you! Move your ass!

I was not inclined to move so instead I walked forward and as I was about to walk past him I put my foot limply at his side and…Thud!

He fell face flat on the mall floor. The sound of his body made me cringe. After realizing he fell, he groaned as he lifted himself up with his shoulders and blinked repeatedly like he was trying to wake up from a dream. He looked up, probably figuring out that it was not his fault that he fell.

Too bad for his beautiful face. It’s now turning black and blue.

His hurt expression now turned into annoyance and his face raged in irritation. But when he was about to stand up and probably yell at me, he was stopped by two black suited men. He tried to elbow them but failed. He glared telling me with his eyes, I just messed with the wrong person, I shivered. I felt ashamed but instead of mouthing ‘sorry,’ I smirked at him feeling victorious.

What was I supposed to do? I was just helping. Hopefully.

The ‘boss’ person was heading towards us.  Well, I was not going to wait for any ole conversations so I turned to walk away from this weird event. But as I did so, a low husky voice called out. “Miss.” 

Was he talking to me, probably not?

“Miss.” This time he tapped me. So I turned around.

Don’t look up, don’t look up.

“Miss, I’m Nicholas Reed.” He said as he held out his hand. I looked up to him to see his expression, smiling.

Holy Moly he is the billionaire from the papers.

I shook his hand, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Reed,” I smiled. The boy I tripped was just standing beside him, now walking away.

I tried to look over Mr. Reed’s shoulders to see where they are bringing him. “I hope your not kidnappers because—” I was cut off before finishing because Mr. Reed started to laugh.

“He is my son do not worry,” I sigh in relief that I wasn’t just involved in a kidnapping.

Well he does have the same features as him. “As you can see his attitude is way different than mine, although I hoped we had more in common than our looks,” I mocked the idea, “I’m not sure about that, I mean we all have issues and we face them in different ways, Mr. Reed and I think he is probably just running away from something or trying to forget something.” I said while I looked at his reaction he just smiled.

“Well you are right that he is having problems—” I stopped him there, “I’m sorry to intrude but I don’t want to get any personal matter I don’t think he would agree with that,” He smiled again.

What’s with this man and his smile?

“But I do owe you a lot, what can I give an intelligent young lady in return for her kind actions?” I thought about it thousands of things pass through my mind but I knew that it was bad taking advantage of people.

He is a billionaire a few thousands wouldn’t hurt right?

“No I cant,” I said politely as possible. “Oh that’s is ridiculous a teenager wants the same things phone, dresses, cars and the like” he said.

How can he judge that way. Tsk, Tsk…

“I’m sorry but I must stop you there, not all teenagers are the same it seems like it but they only look like it because of the intense pressure of social media so every teen is forced to want the same things and be the same kind of people even though deep inside they just want to fit in and instead of buying the stupid ice cream because the girls call her fat she ends up buying a new phone just to be close with her ‘friends,” I make the quote on quote hand gesture, “and ends up being bullied and broken even though they only wanted the stupid ice cream. Don’t you think?” I smiled at my great explanation. I mentally gave myself a pat on the back.

“Well I am very sorry for judging you Miss?” he asks probably surprised at my on the spot speech, “Scarlett,” I answer, “Miss Scarlett I hope you don’t get offended, you are very right though that I should not judge anybody,”

Wow. He actually listened.

“Can I at least give an offer and you think about it?” He asks as he rubs his chin.

“I’m curious what’s the offer?” I asked honestly.

What!? Like you wouldn’t want to hear a billionaires offer.

“Well as I observed you are really a nice girl Scarlett and I like you already, I mean you are very respectful,”

Ask my friends maybe you’ll think twice about this respect thing.

“You don’t judge people right then and there all the good things and my offer is to cut to the chase is that would you like to volunteer at a children outreach program?” He says and I get confused, “After the outreach there’s this Masquerade Ball you will attend and you can have a great time, a small gesture of thank you from me, enjoy a day off.”

Gotta help first then have fun. Seems fair. Not sketchy at all.

“I will think about it” that’s all I could say, “Deal, the ball is in two days that’s all the time you have Miss Scarlett,” I nodded he excused himself to attend to his son while he gave me his calling card.

I went home after, extremely dazed at the event that just took place, completely forgetting about my book.

My mom and dad decided that it was fine to accept his preposterous offer and they also said it was my choice.

My parent always believed in what I always do so they wouldn’t start doubting now.  It was just volunteering. Or did it have further context? I disregarded the idea.

The following day I called Mr. Reed, at first it was his secretary, a sweet low guy voice and I was surprised then was given to Mr. Reed’s calm and soft voice.

While we discussed the specifics of the event, I wondered.

I don’t know his son’s name. I’ll be calling him flat face for the meantime. I smirked at the thought. Would he be volunteering as well?

“Why did I care again?” I shook my head. I’ve been working my ass off for a year and a blessing is given to me in a golden platter, quite literally, and all I think about is, I mocked myself, “Would he be there too?” My voice sounded weird and I laughed.

My sister too busy in her world glanced at me when I laughed, “What’s funny?” she asked. “You,” my only response and she glared.

I guess I’ll be going to a ball. Shit.


“What do I wear!?”


Wondering what’s next? Me too.